After a very cool Spring and hot Summer, we are expected to have a warmer Fall season, which will be very good news for all of us! With a possible second wave upon us in the GTA, it will be nice to take advantage of the outdoors and I know many people are preparing some outdoor spaces for the Winter season in case we are still unable to travel or visit as we like.

I cannot begin to tell you how stressful this has been for many people regarding their mental-emotional and physical state because group activities and classes have been curtailed. People are working from or isolated in their homes and this has begun to wear on their psyche. Remember, excessive stress increases your cortisol (stress hormone) levels, which can also increase body inflammation, joint pain, disrupt sleep patterns and inhibit fat loss.

To help calm this excessive stress, I believe this is where we need to continue to focus upon, what we DO HAVE versus what we ARE MISSING. There is much to be said about the mental-emotional state and well-being when we come from a place of gratitude and appreciation. This is a nice article from TIME about Health & Gratitude: https://time.com/5026174/health-benefits-of-gratitude


Yasmine behind the mask and desk!

Please welcome Yasmine to our team! By now many of you have met her and she has been assisting us since early July. Sadly with COVID, this is how she will be best recognized, as all of us wear the PPE for everyone’s safety. She comes from a culinary background, but has gone back to school after many years in the industry and switched to Political Science this Fall with tons of reading & study! She is also kept busy with a very cute, young energetic daughter! She will be sharing duties with Larissa, and Judy is still taking some time before considering a return during COVID, which we all understand and appreciate.

We are now open all day on Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, by appointment only. Dr. Rick (MWF) & Dr. Eric (TuThSa) split the days during the week & Desmond, RMT is available MWF. These hours allow us to accommodate for the extra time to clean high touch surfaces and each Chiropractic table and also to minimize the number of people in the clinic at any one time, as mandated by our Association and Government Health Officials.

Please remember that we will be asking the COVID Screening questions and require a mask to be worn throughout the visit and into the building (by-law) for your own safety and that of others around you. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during these unique times.

Please call 416-756-3833 to make an appointment or ask any questions.


Our monthly Health Care Workshops have been on hold as we navigate through this new normal, and find a way to still provide the education and information to all of you, so that you can benefit from a proactive lifestyle. We use to hold classes on Wednesday evenings in our clinic after work, however with the number restrictions on gatherings and being in an enclosed environment, we look to new ways to teach lifestyle habits that will help potentiate your health.

We will be starting a ZOOM format on Tuesday nights at 7 pm E.T. to allow people time in the evenings to attend. If that time cannot work, we can add another day during the week or even hold them on a Saturday! I may be limiting the attendance to allow questions and dialogue among the participants. We will do an inaugural workshop and see how it works out for everyone.

The first workshop will be on Tuesday October 6th at 7-8 pm ET. Feel free to email me at ricklee@sympatico.ca or call 416-756-3833 to let me know that you would like to attend. I will also be asking all of our new clients, as it is part of their care. Again, there is no cost and you are also welcome to invite family members and friends, we just don’t want it to be publicized, so that we can keep the calls private and prevent uninvited guests.

Best in Health,

Dr. Rick, Dr. Eric & the Staff @ Bridlewood Chiropractic Centre



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