Do you fear or respect disease? Early Chiropractic talked about the differences of when the body was in “ease” (health) or “dis-ease” as being away from its norm of health.

As much as we have progressed, sometimes we have taken a step back when we look at how our society has positioned dis-eases or conditions. Over the years, we have created more fear and anxiety when discussing them. Certainly respect diseases vs dis-ease, but don’t live in fear of them. This is where a lot of needless energy is spent versus looking at the wonder of our own immune function and how our body works.

When living things, such as plants are given enough nourishment, sunlight and water, they will thrive! We would never water it with soft drinks and dump toxic chemicals into the soil for the plants because well, that’d be stupid! LOL

Yet, look at the environment that we have created for ourselves. Consider some of the things that we feed ourselves (okay, I am just as guilty at times and will not to be first to cast that stone, however I want us to have more awareness and understand what we are doing to our health), yet we somehow expect to be at our ideal weight and have optimum immune function!? You cannot fool science and basic body physiology, you can only build up with what you are providing and this determines your health, and not just wishful thinking.

Again, don’t live into the fear of disease, live into the light of your own body’s health. What are you focusing upon? Certainly respect disease and understand what and how you can mitigate its risk, but at the same time respect your body and what you can do, or not do, for it!

We have discussed that the body has this incredible ability to self-heal and self-regulate, we didn’t have to teach it or learn how or what to do, it just is! What we want to learn and do, are the things that will continue to support this incredible machinery called our mind and body! The quality of this life and your health will be determined by the environment that you create for it and not just the physical, but also emotional environment as well!

We discuss physical stress, as well as perception and stress as part of our Health Care workshops that we hold for all of our clients. We hold it each month via a LIVE Zoom call and there is no extra cost, as it’s all part of your care. I cannot care more than you care for yourself, so if you would like to attend, please ask, we think that you’ll find some value and learn more about what you can do for yourself to help keep yourself in “ease”!


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