We hope everyone had a great summer season! Life routine is slowly turning around and some people are more comfortable than others. Do what you feel is right for you. Our centre is still requiring masks within the clinic and although it is not a foolproof safeguard, it does decrease the likelihood, as well as using the screening questions and asking people to stay at home if they feel any doubt about themselves or notice any symptomatology.

The Ontario government has changed the isolation requirements and are asking people to use common sense should they contract COVID or if they feel ill. Use proper masks if they must travel outside or run errands to safeguard others. You are not alone in this and we all want to do our part in trying to overcome this and get back to our normal life routines without creating fear or anxiety.

I have been vaccinated 4 times already and was still infected with COVID in late July. I had really only 2 of the 6 days where I was down and believe the vaccinations helped to mitigate the more serious symptomatology. My resting heart rate was elevated intially upon recovery, however after 4 weeks, that has been reduced and is only still mildly higher. Other than that, a slight lingering cough that a Halls lozenge will stifle and returned to my exercise and recreational sports. I know others have lingering long haul symptoms and some were really taken off their feet for a week. It affects each one of us differently, but rather than find out, it’s always better to avoid it with some simple precautions.

We want to welcome Aiden as our newest team member to our staff. He is fresh out of high school and taking a gap year before he attempts to find a baseball scholarship at a U.S. college next year! Aiden has had Chiropractic care with me since he was 4 years old and he is now about 6′ 3″ and still growing, so grocery bills at home are pretty hefty LOL! Please take a moment to introduce yourself to him as well. You may have seen him over the years in the reception area before, but now he behind the desk and helping us out for the year. Yasmine is still here, but on Saturday duties only with Dr. Eric.

In some upcoming articles, I will discuss lower cross syndrome and the classification of obesity by the CDC and clinical guidelines of obesity in Ontario.

Enjoy the Fall season and keep moving your body, it’s oil for your joints and helps create energy for your brain!


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