About Us

Why is our office different from most?

Our focus is on your health goals, not simply our agenda for your care. We want to help you as best we can, whether simply through pain relief, through teaching the strategies to help your body adapt to stress, or through addressing your interest in making wellness chiropractic care a part of your active lifestyle.

Our care is individualized because we understand that you are unique, and we serve you with personal care, delivered with compassion and focused intent.
To that end, we offer a variety of support services:
Strategies for Healthy Living: Discover the Secrets to Regaining and Maintaining Life Long Health
Informational sessions are held every month with Dr. Lee.

Discover why people under chiropractic care:

  • Have less pain
  • Have more energy
  • Sleep well
  • Suffer less from the effects of stress
  • Have stronger immune systems
  • Have a more responsive body

This is an orientation session to answer your most pressing questions, such as “What’s wrong?” “Can chiropractic help me?” “How long will it take?” and “What is the cost?”

You do not have to be a member of our practice to attend.
In this seminar, we also discuss essential information about exercise, nutrition, posture, rest, stress management, and a properly functioning nervous system that will help to speed your recovery, save you time and money and possibly avoid a relapse.

Call our office at 416-756-3833 to reserve your spot.

Beyond our professional Chiropractic exams, we also offer:

PROGRESS EXAMS- Performed periodically to ensure you are progressing as planned and to provide ongoing advice to improve your health continually.

OTHER HEALTH PROFESSIONALS- We are part of a network of other professionals and services, access to which we will happily offer if we feel you would benefit.