Isagenix: Detoxification/Cleanse, Nutrition & Weight Management Program.

Welcome to the Isagenix program that I have successfully used with my Practice Members and for my own health & life since 2006. I first test drove this with my wife because anything that I do for my clients, I am already doing it in my own life or have done it for myself. After a few short days we had noticeable changes in our body physiology and by the end of the program, we had excellent results. Not only did I get as lean as I was back in my high school days, I also dropped 10 minutes off my half-marathon time, which was one of my best races in 7 years. My wife also had very good results and fit into a pair of jeans that our teenage daughter (at that time) was wearing!

This program helps to not only address the Chemical Stress aspect of the Vertebral Subluxation or Nerve Interference Patterns, but it also puts the body into a more Alkaline state, which is very healthy for the body. Research studies show that arthritic conditions and cancers are less viable in an Alkaline environment.

By introducing higher quality nutrients in fewer calories and making it easy to comply and follow, allows people to kick start their health with very positive results and inspires them to continue to get to their health goals. The Cleanse Days also place your body into a natural positive anabolic state that helps to increase fat metabolism and put on lean muscle. If you are under a lot of stress, feel overweight, or tired even if you are exercising or just want to have more energy, then this program can help answer those needs.

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Dr. Rick