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ISA - New Year Cleanse

New Season, New Plan

Transform in 5 min/day over 30 days

Have your friends join you in this experience!

 Whether you want to get back into your jeans or dress,

have better athletic performance or just better health,

find out how we can help you quickly reach your health goals!


If you exercise, you cannot out-train bad nutrition.

If you don’t exercise, you still require good nutrition to help the health of the body.

Remove the toxins that inhibit nutritional absorption and put in an all natural and organic food that supports the enzymatic reactions for recovery and fat burning.

 The solution…The Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning System, a complete system filled with the highest quality minerals, vitamins, natural botanicals, herbs and nutrients without harmful stimulants or drugs.

 Join us for this information call about how this system can successfully help you. We have had thousands of people do this program with great results after spending thousands of dollars trying many other programs.

Diets and fads just don’t work.

This works simply because it is a lifestyle and it is easy to follow.

You will notice changes in the first week.

 This program is also endorsed by Dr. John Gray – author of “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus” and Jack Canfield – author of the “Chicken Soup Series” lost 33 pounds on this program.  It has also been featured on ABC and Fox News.

 With the 30-Day Program You Can:

Maintain Lean Muscle

Lose Stubborn Fat

Release Cravings for Sugar and Starch

Speed Recovery from Workouts

 Group Cleanse Conference Call

Monday March 30th at 8:00 pm EST

Conference Number: 1-559-726-1300

Passcode: 386179#

 What if the next 30 days could change your life?

Your Nutritional Cleanse Coach:

Dr. Rick Lee, Chiropractor, Clinical Nutritionist

Spring 2015 Group Cleanse

Nutritional Cleansing can quickly help you reach your health goals!

There is a solution…the Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning System, a complete system filled with the highest quality minerals, vitamins, natural botanicals, herbs and nutrients without harmful stimulants or drugs.

Isagenix is also endorsed by Dr. John Gray, author of Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus, and Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup series, lost 33 pounds on this program. It has also been featured on ABC and Fox News.

With the 30-day program you can maintain lean muscle, lose stubborn fat, and release cravings for sugar and starch.

For those of you unfamiliar with this program, it begins with a pre-cleanse. This will allow you to start moving your blood pH balance from an acidic level to a healthier alkaline level, by eliminating some acidic-based foods. Depending upon your level of health challenges, we will adjust the program accordingly before you start the cleanse.

The program will help to eliminate the impurities and heavy metals that are caught in your fat stores and organs. This is a gentle full body cleanse that we have run successfully for the last four years and there have been many amazing results seen by myself and my staff, even by those who were very skeptical with the program about the type of results that they would receive.

The cost for the program is only the cost of the products. The cleanse coaching comes as part of the package.

Here is what some people have experienced already:

“I finally decided to take control of my health on my 46th birthday in late November and I have dropped 47 pounds by the end of January. I didn’t think that I could reach my goal weight this quickly and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I’ve saved money from the bad food that I don’t eat anymore and I was also able to stop smoking and kick the coffee habit!”…..T.S., Scarborough

“The energy levels use to fluctuate so much during the day and now it’s such a steady flow during the day and I don’t crash at 8 or 9 in the evening anymore or require that caffeine in the late afternoon as a pick me up. I’ve also been able to get into clothes that haven’t fit me in years!”…..D.L., Markham

“I am down 25 pounds and my running times have improved where I am easily preparing for the Hamilton Marathon in early November. The program has changed my eating habits and allowed me to continue to train without losing strength.”……Dr. Raymond Lee, D.C., Pickering (post-race addendum – improved his marathon time by 22 minutes!)

“I’ve lost the sugar cravings, I sleep more soundly and I am much more focused on the cleanse days”….J.L., Toronto

“I was able to weight train and despite a negative caloric intake I was able to put on lean muscle while losing the fat. The amazing part was that it was easy to do, when usually it is a struggle to eat while preparing for a competition.”…..M.C. female body builder, Toronto

“For years I was trying to lose those extra pounds through exercise and eating well, but could never get below that threshold. This program was easier than I thought and the results were amazing, I’ve had a lot of compliments and questions about what I did.”…..D.G.,Toronto

“I’ve never been this lean during my entire adult life”….T.M., Toronto

The next group cleanse will be in April 2015.