THE GIFT OF LOVE – $25 Donation for Evaluation

Julliette's Place

During the month of February, we are donating our time for Julliette’s Place. We are offering an opportunity to have you, your family or friends to receive a health assessment by our clinic.

This is a great way to kick start the New Year and create a lifestyle change for your health.

In lieu of fees ($90 consultation and evaluation), you are asked to make a donation of $25 to Julliette’s Place, which is a Family Shelter that we have contributed to for the past 15 years. You will be issued a tax receipt from them, so it is a win-win.

Please call our office at 416-756-3833 or text 647-993-2488 with code JPF2020 and your name to set an appointment time.

Thank you for your support of this wonderful organization!
– Dr. Rick & Dr. Eric